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Immediate Objectives:Edit

   * Fortify Warsong Lumber Camp
   * Fortify Splintertree Post
   * Fortfity Mor'Shan Rampart
   * Eliminate Satyr Threat
   * Eliminate Demonic Presence in Demon Fall Canyon

Eventual Hopes:Edit

   * Push Night Elves back from Warsong Gulch
   * Expand territory Westward
   * Destroy Raynewood Retreat
   * Raid Astraanar
   * Sack Shrines
   * Control Ashenvale
   * Invade Darkshore
   * Eliminate the Kal'dorei

Other Objectives:Edit

   * Build a Road across the Southfury River to Orgrimmar to establish a more efficient 
     trade route
   * Build a Mine in the Warsong Lumber and Labor Camps.
   * Construct a Shaman Sanctuary.
   * Build a War Mill in the Warsong Lumber Camp and the Labor Camp.
   * Build a Barracks in the Warsong Lumber Camp and Splintertree Post.
   * Build a Blacksmith in Splintertree Post.
   * Build a Kodo Pen in The Warsong Lumber Camp, Splintertree Post and the Warsong Labor Camp.
   * Set up a trade route with the Crossroads in the Barrens.
   * Build a Worg Pen in Splintertree Post.]

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