Vargni Grimbellow was a Dwarven Paladin active within the Old Hatreds Phase. Initially sent to the Outlands as an Officer amongst the Ironhammer Expedition, he rose to the position of Commander as Thondal Thunderstout was stricken by an injury. He oversaw the construction of the Dwarven Fortress of Dun Omer, as well as leading the Ironhammer Expedition to victory in numerous battles and defending the High Elven Stronghold of Allerian from a Fel Orc siege. Last seen suffering from moderate injuries in Shattrath, his fate is unknown.

25px Vargni Grimbellow
Vargni, invoking the Holy Light.
Vital statistics
Title Commander of the Ironhammer Expedition
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Faction Ironforge
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Level {{{level}}}
Status Unknown
Location Dun Morogh; (Pre-Old Hatreds)

Dun Omer, Terokkar Forest; (Old Hatreds)


Pre-Old HatredsEdit

Born the son of Valnir Grimbellow, Vargni was raised in the halls Halvas-Lorn, a settlement nestled within the mountains of Dun Morogh. From an early age, he studied scriptures brought by the Human missionaries, and passed on by his father - a Dwarven cleric. The scriptures - bearing the teachings of the Light as interperated by the Humans - gradually transformed Vargni into a devout follower of the Light, however, he avoided joining the clergy, preferring a simpler life working amongst his clansmen whilst being schooled by his father.

When the Second War reached Khaz Modan, Vargni, like many other Dwarves, took up arms to fight back the Orcish Horde. When the Dwarven forces were pushed back from Loch Modan, Vargni headed North with the remainder of the Alliance, as opposed to holing up in Ironforge with the majority of the Dwarvish population. It was here, amongst the Alliance forces, that he was inducted into the Order of the Silver Hand, and began his training as a Paladin. When the Dark Portal was breached for a second time, Vargni - by this time a venerable and fairly well-reputed Dwarven Warrior - was sent amongst numerous other noblemen and women to represent his kingdom, and lead his kinsmen into the great unknown, to ensure that the fair valleys and grand halls of Khaz Modan were not ravaged a second time.

Old HatredsEdit


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