Tyragon Shademourn is character developed by Tyragon.


A kind man who often lets his own judgements and good inside him break any duty or order someone might give him. He is just and brings swift retribution to those who goes too far. Though, he aint short-sighted, and forgives and forgets quite fast. On the battlefield and duty he can be tough, and favours the obedient, justful and kind soldiers. When it comes to the enemies, even there is Tyragon kind to them - rather letting them retreat on their own than chase them down.


He was born and raised in the Capital of Lordaeron by his father Alron and his mother Elen. At early age his father trained him some basics in combat. The training was continued by Sir Martin, a close friend to his father who mentored him in knighthood. He would later join the Silver Hand at the age of 21 and come under the mentorship of Baram the Faithbearer. Tyragon along with his mentor joined the war against the Horde but were sent back due to other crisis in Lordaeron. His father participated in the second war aswell and the battle at Blackrock Mountain where he was presumed deceased. Tyragon continued to serve the Silver Hand to battle the remaining Horde and was promoted to full member of the Silver Hand at the age of 24.

Soon enough the plague started to spread and Tyragon fought it along with other Silver Hand comrades. After the murder of King Terenas, Tyragon and Elen moved away from the capital with the help of Sir Martin because of all the chaos to Andorhal where his mentor lived. Martin was presumed deceased in the capital in struggle. Tyragon held out in Andorhal from several Scourge invasions until Arthas came and destroyed the town. Tyragon lost his mother in the chaos and is presumed deceased along with his mentor, Baram the Faithbearer. Around the age of 32 after the event at Andorhal, he fled to Stormwind. Some of the events are unknown from there.

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