The Twilight Tower was a story-arc based within the Barrens. It centred around the Alliance bases within the South of the Barrens, slowly bringing in the Horde to take part.

The main concept was the occupation of the Enclave tower by the Twilight Hammer clan, who with the help of Jerad Le'Clare began to bring elements into Azeroth.


Jerad Le'Clare has always seemed as an oddity within the Hamlet community. His choice to remain around the peasants of the Hamlet, rather then return or move onto a more formed society always puzzled and rose curiosity in the community and those travelling around. Within his time, from the first Theramore Market, Jerad Le'Clare was also considered a deep rooted member of the region.

When the first members of the Enclave arrived, Jerad Le'clare originally took an offensive position against them, questioning they intent and reason to be within the Barrens. The Magi of the Enclave settled within the hills and Jerad took his place at his wagon within the Hamlet, ready for the market.

He'd been questioned and viewed as a dangerous individual, whose skills seemed to be slightly bizzar and extreme in certain situations. His mysterious Murloc Society and his skill with Polymorphs also rose numerous questions. Who are the Society? Where are they based?

It was only recently that Jerad returned to the scene, with his 'murder'. Only to be found out that it was his apprentice that was killed, and Jerad remained at large..

The Twilight OccupationEdit

The RiftEdit

Far-Fire PostEdit

The BattleEdit

File:Alliance 32.gif Alliance SideEdit

File:HordeIcon.gif Horde SideEdit


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