The Trial of Ulec Haston refers to the trial held within Stormwind. It was a two day event, in which witnesses were asked to make a statement. These statements were often related to numerous crimes supposedly committed by Ulec Haston, who was standing trial.

The Trial took place inside the Stormwind Court Room.


Below you can find the list of witnesses, in order of appearance:

Day One:

  • Commander Reginald of Southshore
  • Mercenary Soldier Kertan
  • Sergeant Elarya Eraldros
  • Commander Aeneth Levoucke of Stromgarde
  • Aiden of the Steamwheedle Cartell
  • Sergeant James Dunril, of Stromgarde

At this point, day one was over. A riot outside halted all progress of the trial, The Sergeant of the Guard, James Dunril ordered an attack on the rioters to maintain order, resulting in the death of three civilians, and two injured footmen.

Day Two:

  • Dawlor Woodford
  • Baldwin Wilhelm
  • Tynan Mac'Davies