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Tauren, at least the Skychasers, are chosen by the spirits to be their representatives. When the spirit of Lef the Hornet asked for one of his descendants to be summoned, Syre was brought forward. However, it appeared that he was mistaken for his brother, who Lef had meant as his spiritual descendant. Even if Syre was eager, he didn't have the potential, according to the frustrated ancestor.

As such, Syre lived in shame for a long time. He was appointed as the lifeguard of his brother, Sern, who later died in a centaur attack. Afterwards, Syre was approached by the shamans once again, this time to act as a messenger, diplomat and lifeguard to them. Syre was bitter at first, but eventually immersed himself well into his new functions. Now, he's withered and old, and has already outlived some of his children. He is content, but eagerly continues his functions, despite his old age.


Syre is classed as a warrior in-game, but is probably best described as an expert or aristocrat NPC class. Because of his great age, he is an elder and acts as the aristocrat class most of the time. However, in his past, he also served as both a lifeguard brave, messenger and wilderness guide. This classes him as an expert or soldier. While he has a shamanic background, he can't be classed as a shaman. Instead, he can be classed as a spirit champion or a holy strider. At least, he was one and acts like one.


Syre is a tauren, obviously. His horns have long since broken off and are protected from further splintering by two thick copper plates. He wears his hair in worn braids, which are obviously not as wellgroomed as they might have been. Despite his age, his career has toughend his body and with daily exercise, it degrades only slowly. However, his skin is already hanging, indicating that he far past his prime already.


Syre is an elder, but he is extremely modest. Even if he thinks that people should have more respect for the elderly, especially the trolls and the orcs, naturally, he does not express his displeasure.

As part of the original earthen ring, he doesn't like the fact that other races have become accepted into the order. He considers them too inexperienced and too eager to be part of an order that asks for great balance. Even though he has personal preferences, his curiosity often wins over his prejudice. As a past holy strider, he often had to investigate certain matters and his instincts betray him even today.

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