The Sentence of Ulec Haston refers to the verdict given within the chain of events, leading to the trial of Ulec Haston. Below you will find the offical stated sentence, as given by the judge of the trial.


The SentenceEdit

It is hereby the decision of the King Regent and the House of Nobles, that Lord Haston will be stripped of his hereditary title, and henceforth shall no longer be of noble blood. House Haston shall be taken down from the royal record of noble houses.

In addition, House Haston shall forfeit all possessions to the crown which will be given over to Southshore for the damages caused. He shall however retain his armour, cloths, mount, and weapons.

Mr. Haston shall then be barred from Stormwind lands. Him, and any who choose to follow him shall be given one week to travel to Nethergarde Keep, where they shall be tasked with the defense of our frontier, as well as the cleansing and reclaiming of the Swamp of Sorrows in the name of Stormwind and the Alliance.

There he will remain until the task is deemed completed by the local authority. Then a further payment of 500 coins will be delivered to the crown for the damages dealt to Southshore.

The sentence will be posted to the official archives so that all may see its’ validity."


With Ulec Haston sentenced to Nethergarde, Reginald and Aeneth aided the new Lordaeron force into action, under the guidance of Laurens.

All land of the Bastion was reclaimed by the order of Reginald and any association with the Bastion or Ulec was claimed as treason to the Alliance.