File:Alliance 32.gif Reginald Thompson
Reginald Thompson, as seen in-game.
Vital statistics
Title Commander
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Alliance, Lordaeron
Health {{{health}}}
Level {{{level}}}
Status Alive
Location Eastern Kingdoms, Southshore


Commander Reginald Thompson was the Commander of the Southshore guard Post-Third War. He was first encountered by the Bastion of Lordaeron and often clashed with they leader Sir Ulec Haston. Reginald was around from the start of Prologue, to the end of the first phase. Making numerous encounters.

His most notable appearance was within the Council of Southshore and the event it lead to, the Trial of Ulec Haston. He was a corrupt Commander who had many encounters with all the members of the North-lands, ranging from the Syndicate to the Blackthorn Bandits.

Personal LifeEdit

Time within the Third WarEdit

Time Post-Third WarEdit

Clash with the BastionEdit

The plotting beginsEdit


Within his time, Reginald took part within numerous events across the Eastern Kingdom. Most of these events had a link to the Bastion of Lordaeron.

The Tarren Mill DisasterEdit

The Council of SouthshoreEdit

(Referring to event:Council of Southshore)

The Trial of Ulec HastonEdit

(Referring to event:Trial of Ulec Haston)

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