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6 March 2011 - Development Update

With a quick overhaul we managed to get the wiki in a release state and will be launching very, very soon. By the time you read this, however, we will have released. Now I wanted to go over some of the new features we have, like our Events and Comic of the Week articles.
  • Each month or so we will have a new "event". Ranging from contests to staff member interviews, in each event the article will be left up for however long stated, then pushed into our event archive.
We hope to have a nice run this time around, welcome back everyone!


January 2011 - Development Update

We're still working hard with the updates of the wiki, some new things you'll find when venturing here is:
  • The Policies and Guidelines have been updated.
  • Our homepage has been updated with a featured article box, news box, events box, and a weekly comic strip box. (More information on each will be given at a later time.)
  • Our requests page has been moved to the Prologue forums.
  • The Prologue Globe has been wikified.
We'll be updating even more after this article, and will provide updates on those when the time comes. Welcome to the Prologue Wiki, ladies and gentlemen.

9 January 2011 - Development Phase of the Prologue Wiki

Due to unbearable hurry and business on other aspects, the wiki was closed down from the public in order for the wiki team to successfully prepare the wiki for total community use. The wiki has been set visible for only the wiki team, who is currently wiping all unnecessary content and starting a phase of effective development on all aspects of the wiki.

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