About Prologue Wiki

The Prologue Wiki was started on November 1st, 2010, as a small project. It was suggested to NDA by S to actually start the project as he wanted to have a wiki since the start of the Prologue Project, NDA quickly agreed and got to work, starting a simple wiki on NDA then posted a quick topic on the Prologue-forums to ask for the community's help in getting the wiki up and running and adding new content.

The community quickly jumped to her aid and they got to twenty pages in a day or two and gained two staff members, Peeps and Dagren, before it was suggested to S to perhaps have its own page on the Prologue domain, and get it off of wikia. S agreed and a few days later this wiki was formed.

The Prologue Wiki quickly rose within a weeks time to seventy-seven pages, and we're still going strong!

Now we're in the process of making everything a lot better in preparation for live, as you can see. Our staff members are all huge contributers, Ende being a main contributer on the wiki's graphical improvements, while Reegan, Lorbero, and new staff member Rozkan tend to the wiki's day to day functions and moderation.

We intend on having a nice, clean run and hope to see you all contributing daily. Thank you for reading, and keep contributing!

Current Prologue Wiki Staff

  • NDA - - Wiki Manager/ Bureaucrat
  • Ende - - Wiki Bureaucrat
  • Lorbero - - Wiki Administrator
  • Rozkan - - Wiki Administrator
  • Reegan - - Temporary Wiki Administrator

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