File:HordeIcon.gif Onahail Grimtotem
Onahail Grimtotem, The Walker


The Walker

Onahail Grimtotem was once a fierce warrior within the Grimtotem Tribe, and well known for his fury which he delivered to his foes on the battlefield. He was deeply in love with his companion, Nahali Thunderhorn - however, she was affiliated with the Horde. The Grimtotem authority found out, and a series of tragedies happened.

Onahail went into exile, and started meeting other beings, who he swiftly started travelling with. Tales reached back to the tribe he left about journies of his, and how we travelled so far, and for so long. This earnt him the title "The Walker".


Onahail features the typical black fur of all Grimtotem Tauren. Two ebon horns spurt out from the sides, and then rush forwards threateningly. A few pieces of small rope are wrapped around certain parts of his horns in decoration, aswell as certain symbols and words carved into them. If asked, Onahail might reveal that most of the words are in memory of his departed companion.

His eyes resemble large black orbs, sitting in their deep sockets. His brow casts a shadow over his eyes, only adding to the solemn look. One large, black ring sits pierced in his nose, protruding abruptly from his face. Finally, a braided lock of hair dangles from his jaw, reaching his upper chest.

His muscled torso and arms give him a brutish outlook, but his shamanistic attire and subtle garments counter the warrior side of him. He carries an axe on his back, aswell as a long spear. He also has a dagger tucked into his belt, aswell as many other tools and objects. All of them made by himself, of course.

Due to his animal totem being that of the tiger, he has many claws and fangs on string tied around his biceps, legs, neck, horns and weapons.


Onahail can usually be seen alone, observing and thinking. He is a solitary spirit, and prefers his own company to that of others; when he does speak however, his voice is deep, yet quiet. He rarely shouts, and if he does, it would be under certain circumstances. Most of the time, nowadays, he can be seen by water. Often carving, crafting, embroidering, or something similar.

Before Nahali's death, he was quite loud and cheerful. For someone who knew Onahail through his whole life, they would easily notice the changes he has been through - and tragedies, at that. He's never mean, or spiteful in any way, and always helpful. That alone aids his reputation, but he is also a great leader! He has no enemies, excluding his ex-tribe members amongst the Grimtotem who want him dead.