File:Alliance 32.gif Margeritt Orkit
Margeritt Orkit
Vital statistics
Title Sorceress
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Alterac, Dalaran
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Level {{{level}}}
Status Dead
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Life & DeathEdit

Margeritt was born in Dalaran, but by Alteracian parents, both with deep roots in Alterac. She began studying in a very young age, and soon became a sorceress. Shortly after, she met the arrogant mage, Grithas Orkit II, whom she fell deeply in love with. The two had a child, Christine Orkit, but only two years after her birth, Grithas left Dalaran and never returned, and the sorrow tore Margeritt's life apart, and ended it in suicide.


Grithas Orkit II (Husband)(Alive)

Christine Orkit (Daughter)(Alive)

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