Keleron was an ambitious mage, wishing to become an enchanter and transmuter, in lieu of art. However, the young Keleron discovered that enchantment was too boring to study while he failed his transmutation classes because he was too creative with his assignments. He was excelling in abjuration and divination, though. He was disappointed at first but grew into his role in the years after.

When the wretched first appeared, Keleron was assigned to a rounding-up. When he and a band of rangers were ambushed by the wretched, Keleron toke risks in casting his abjurations and is now in a state of constant fear for the wretched, though it does not always reach the surface.


Keleron was given the title of Instructor for his successful mission, without any losses on the side of the blood elves. Now, he attempts to keep corruption at bay with a subtle paranoia.


Keleron studied further in Dalaran, like many surviving high elven mages and when he returned he helped reestablish the Quel'dorei borders and joined the blood elves in Silvermoon City at the first opportunity.



Keleron has the typical red hair of his fathers' branch of the Swiftheart family. Keleron appears to have a sunburn in his face. He covers the rest of his body in robes.


Keleron is subtly corrupted. While he friendly and outgoing most of the time, he is in a perpetual state of fear for the wretched and the corruption that may befall his friends any minute. He may come across wooden sometimes, like his behavior is a plastic version of the real Keleron.


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