File:Alliance 32.gif Julie Orkit
Grithas Orkit I
Vital statistics
Title Baroness
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Alterac
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Level {{{level}}}
Status Dead
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Julie was born in Alterac into a noble family. She was promised away to the famous mage Grithas Orkit I, whom she had a son with (Grithas Orkit II). The son had his father's name, and was sent to Dalaran to study as a six years old. At about the same time, Julie discovered that her husbond was fiddling with demonology and fel magic. Julie, to defend her own honor, told none of her husbond's secret actions, and that would become her death.


When the Second War began, and Alterac was overrun with Stromgarde soldiers, Julie's husband attempted to summon a great demon into Alterac to purge the enemy. After the battle, hordes of raging peasants sought out Julie, and claimed that she was a witch, and guilty in keeping her husbond demonology a secret. She was burnt alive, and her ash was buried in the dirt and remains of the people of Strahnbrad.


During the battle in Alterac City, Julie sought refuge in Strahnbrad.


Grithas Orkit II (Son)(Alive)

Grithas Orkit I (Husband)(Deceased)

Christine Orkit (Granddaughter) (Alive)

Margeritt Orkit (Daughter-in-law)(Deceased)

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