Johamerah Rysdan is a character developed by Honsus.


Joh is a stern and uncompromising man. Traits picked up from his rigidly disciplined youth. He is also a firm believer in the dwarven forms of pride and honor. Joh will never break his word or allow his honor to be besmirched. He will go out of his way to toss a few coins to a beggar or assist a person in need. On the battlefield , a place he is rarely found anymore, Joh's personality changes little he will not attack an enemy from behind preferring to announce his presence to his enemy, seeing ambushes the work of cowards and bastards.


Joh was brought up in a strict environment, son of a Lillian Mordric and Jayson Rysdan both exceedingly prominent members of their respective noble houses. Joh was taught the arts of war by an array of family members and dwarven tutors. This is where he picked up his beliefs in honor and pride. He excelled in the art of war and quickly rose to rank of captain (with the financial help of his of his houses) at the age of 20. His standing military rank was eclipsed by his renown as a competitive fighter. Winning dozens of competitions and earning renown around the alliance. Joh had become rather successful and was beginning to gain prominence in the house of nobles when the Blackrock threat erupted in Redridge, after several decisive victories Joh's regiment was decimated by the orcish warband. Leaving less than 20% of the men alive and not half of them in fighting condition. His men routed to Lakeshire and were called back to stormwind, the captain and his men returned to a heroes welcome with their heads hung low at their defeat. Only recently has he been seen returning to the barracks and sparring pits, preparing to bring the war to the west and regain his pride and honor after his embarrassing defeat at the hands of the barbarous orcish threat.

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