File:Alliance 32.gif Jerad Le'Clare †
Jerad Le'Clare, the Magician.
Vital statistics
Title Magician, Aeromancer
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Alliance, Twilight Hammer Cult
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Level {{{level}}}
Status Deceased
Location Kalimdor

Jerad Le'Clare was a extra-ordinary Magician, who first made an appearance at the Theramore Market, in which he was asked to do a performance. He was known for his trickery and skills in polymorphing and Translocation.

Jerad became a part of the Kalimdor community and made regular appearances and trips within the Southern Barrens, having numerous friends within the Hamlet of Helmsburg and being granted the offical right to use his magic within the area.

Personality and LooksEdit


Jerad the MagicianEdit

Jerad is a light hearted and bubbley old man. He comes across as a intelligent figure when talked to in a normal conversation, if you are able to make head or tale of what he is saying, and often provides good and solid advice.

He is rarely stern or cold to individuals who approach him, but can snap when he fears his position is in danger. A warm individual who will offer a smile and a joke.

Jerad the AeromancerEdit

When he finally ascended and revealed his plans, the Old Jerad faded slowly. Jerad become synical and twisted. His personality more demented and delusional. He appeared colder then before, far colder in the way he talked and treat individuals.


"Zis... will be your rezting place. And I zhall zweep acrozz ze land... wiz ze Air at my side...And front... well, ze air all around, really..." - Speaking to Markus Wardingspell.


Jerad always appeared as a Haggard man. His deep eyes looked dark blue, with his hair being thin and white. Wrinkles covered his face, where a bulbous nose sat in the middle.

His exotic attire, was made from the finest of silks. Often wearing deep purples and blues, in reference to his Murloc Society and a Turban due to his personal love for the thing.

When ascended Jerads attire took a more, light approach resembling the air itself that he weaved. His robe was a light blue, with a unregonsiable langague stitched in to the seams in gold thread, his collar was starched and his shoulders seemed to let forth sparks, of what would be assumed lighting.


The Murloc SocietyEdit

The Twilight Hammer ClanEdit


The Theramore MarketEdit

The Twilight Tower SagaEdit

OOC InformationEdit

  • Jerad was only made due to the Theramore Market and designed to be perform. But, due to the way the character was created Reegan became attached to him.
  • His accent was suppose to seem 'exotic' along with his personality, to add a light humoured twist to the Market.
  • As Prologue Phase B was comming to an end, it was decided that Jerad and Reginald would lead a major storyline within each region. Due to Reegans love for the Twilight he decided that Jerad would be perfect to turn into a full-blown villan.


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