25px Gimbor Earthbattler
Gimbor with Lina.
Vital statistics
Title Warrior of the Runehammer Clan (Phase B)
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Faction Ironforge
Health {{{health}}}
Level {{{level}}}
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

Gimbor Earthbattler is a character developed by Leron. He is a member and warrior of the Runehammer Clan, its currently unknown where he is or if he is still alive.


Lina The AxeEdit

Lina The Axe is Gimbor most trusted friend, even if it looks old and pretty damaged Gimbor will never change it beacause it got a long and loving history behind it.

Gimbor has always been in love with Innkeeper Hearthstove's daughter, Lina Hearthstove. But unfortunately their love is one sided. In many ways have he tried to win her heart but never succeeded, one of the big tries was when he handcrafted his own axe, which he proudly named it with his lovers name. Even today Gimbor walks around with his axe and reminds himself that some day he'll win her love.

The Evolution of GimborEdit

1st Gimbor (Phase B)Edit

2nd Gimbor(Sandbox)Edit

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