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Forlun Fangclaw, the Savagekin.



Born roughly from 1,000-2,40 years prior to the War of the Ancients, he was born in a small village near the coast of Zoram Strand, to which is long gone now. Forlun idolised his father and picked many of his trait's and physical features from, and had only taken a few from his Mother such as his love for the wild. His original sir-name was dropped, to take on the title of 'Fangclaw'. His true and family name has been long forgotten amongst records and is only carried on by his younger sister. Who remains unknown as to the whereabouts.

Forlun grew up as a talented young boy, known for both will-power and strength aswell as tactical intellect. Though his average grades were normal in all other respectable subjects such as mathematics and literature, Forlun exceeded all others in combat and anything relative to melee. Spending much time caring for his young saber-pet, Grask, Forlun's love for animal's grew as the two's relationship hardened and grew over the years. At a young age, Forlun enlisted himself into Queen Azshara's army, desiring power and riches. Known for being so young, Forlun was singled out amongst the army, despite it not being intended, often pryed upon with insults despite Forlun's many revenge-schemes. After some time, Forlun gained the honourable title of Captain and was awarded aswell with a small squadron of Elves under his command. Though at the time, the Kaldorei were not at war with the Trolls, the squadron was simply used for patrols and cargo-protection.

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