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Flin Blastwood is a gnome character used by Dagren in several phases. Though this character used to be an alt used next to his main character Dagren, Flin has now become his most used character and will most certainly be used in the next phase as well. Most incarnations of Flin are quite capable at Engineering and choose to uphold the law and protect the land. Though of all the Flins the first was definatly the most rebelious. While the second one the most traditional.

The different FlinsEdit

1st Flin (Phase B)Edit

The 1st Flin worked for Skibb Industries where he developed weapons. This Flin used a green battlesuit and had a green mohawk to match. He had some friendly rivalry going with Wiltock which sometimes got slightly out of hand leading to the destruction of unfinished projects. As usual this was blamed on drunk dwarves.

2nd Flin (Old Hatreds)Edit

The 2nd Flin was send with the Adamantine Cog to Outland. This Flin was the Captain of an order of Technoknights called the Order of the Golden Gear. He could be seen wearing a white battlesuit, while his hair colour frequently changed he always keps a handlebar mustache like every Technoknight. He initially served under Aceth's command
File:WoWScrnShot 010608 032257.jpg
but when enough engineers took up arms
File:WoWScrnShot 021608 195811.jpg
to bolster the ranks of his Shocktroopers the Redsuits and the Whitesuits were seperated. The Redsuits being Aceth's men and the Whitesuits being Technoknights, both named for their recognizable battlesuits. Flin and his men served in a supporting role behind the Shocktrooper's lines.
After the Shocktrooper's had broken the enemy lines the Technoknights would charge in and finish the job.

3rd Flin (Sandbox)Edit

The 3rd Flin left for Stormwind after Gnomeregan's fall. There he joined the Stormwind City Watch to help keep his new home safe. He often patrols the streets of Stormwind with his friend Thanduril while keeping an eye out for witches. His fellow watchmen praise him for repairing the coffeemaker. He also has bad eyesight which he solves with special lenses. Flin is also taking care of a cat called Snowball. This cat belonged to a prisoner who was murdered in his cell.


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