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The Fist of Grommash was the Horde's expedition to Outland. Their objective was to rid the torn world of Draenor from the Illidari and, for the orcs, was to meet with their Uncorrupted kin the Mag'har and reclaim their homeland! Made up of Orcs, Trolls and Tauren, they would stop at nothing to kill all the Demonic scum there. Warlocks were even accepted, as Thrall, the Warchief, said that they are a "Necessary Evil", but that didn't stop them from getting beaten.


  • Warlord Gorr (User:SeedBox)
  • Warlord Thokra (User:Dolon)
  • Champion Treng (Peon)
  • Champion Grakkmaug (Sladicus of Athena)
  • Seer Dehateh (Draeloth)
  • Seer Ukrabar (Hokaru)
  • Advisor Rozkan(Rozkan/Soran)



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[3] -Thrallmar Notice Board

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