Doomblade is the shorthand title for an event in the Prologue: Old Hatreds phase.

The Forsaken led a Fel Reaver back to Thrallmar, where they worked with the bewildered Fist of Grommash to destroy it. It completely destroyed the North Gate of Thrallmar, as well as mortally wounding Warlord Thokra and Seer Dehateh. A troll potion doctor in the Fist of Grommash helped cure Thokra from his mortal wound, but needed to empower him with fel magic to help his body reach its peak. The Fel was cured as the Potion Doctor Balzrozka used shadow to attack the Fel in his bloodstream and on Thokra's orders, the Shifter Seed was used. However, his personality was still temporarily more angry in general. Thrallmar had been set back considerably, as before the Fel Reaver was defeated, it exploded, causing much collateral damage to the settlement.

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