Storyline Edit

The name caught on easily enough; the idea was another matter entirely. Charged with cementing friendly relations with the "native-populated" city of Shattrath, Lorbero Fizzlespark has been working tirelessly to raise the image of the Gnomish race in the inhabitants eyes from "little strangers" to "allies". Shattrath City, also known as the City of Light by those who dwell there, is arguably the most important population centre in a post Dark Portal Outland. Its citizens, unlike those of others areas such as Hellfire Citadel and Auchindoun, are not instantly hostile to outsiders, which makes them prime targets for diplomatic missions from the relatively isolated and constantly endangered communities of Azerothians in Outland. As visits piled upon visits, one thing that was made abundantly clear to the outsiders was that the Lower City of Shattrath was in a state of crisis. Refugees from across Outland, fleeing to the safety of Shattrath in great numbers, quickly overwhelmed the city's abilities to care for them. Poverty and squalor runs rampant, and criminal elements has arisen that prey on the situation.

A Gnomish mage by the name of Cogswhiz came up with the idea of procuring and subsequently enchanting a large number of brooms to, in his words, "clean up that mess". Not only would they help clean up the suprising amount of dirt and grime that has been left unattended to on the streets on Shattrath, these brooms would also act as a lasting monument to the charity of the Alliance. While good-intentioned, the plan had the double pitfall of both the Adamantine Cog lacking a sufficient number of magi to accomplish something on such a scale and the fact that many of the mages were insufficiently trained in the necessary magical arts. Undettered and eager to initiate a high-profile event to raise the standings of the Alliance Expedition with Shattrath, Lorbero jumped on the idea and charged Cogswhiz with the task of training the Gnomish mages so they were up to the task. Subsequent negotiations with Luna Mclair, leader of the 10th Legion's mage contingent, bore fruit, and so the humans joined themselves to the task alongside the Gnomes. The stage therefore was set for a triumphant act wherein the Alliance would both showcase its good will towards Shattrath and its potent magical power.

Event Edit

Though meticulously prepared for, the diplomatic event eventually had to be called off once word had spread that the Illidari had laid siege to the 10th Legion's main forward base at Allerian Stronghold. The energies of all available mages - gnome, human, and high elf - were urgently required to aid in the fierce battles that followed, and the upheaval that followed soon put to rest any diplomatic feelings that might have remained amongst the Alliance Expedition.

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