The Battle of Falcon Watch Both Battles commanded by the infamous Commander James Dunril-Alliance (A former staff officer of Grand Marshal Garithos) was the first confrontation between the Alliance Expedition and the Sunfire Pilgrimage. It began when a scout party of the Ironhammer Expedition and Adamantine Cog was ambushed in the ruins of an old stadium in Helfire Peninsula. After a swift retreat of the dwarves and the gnomes they soon returned with the humans from the 10th Legion who drove the Blood Elves back to Falcon Watch. Once at the Falcon Watch the Blood Elves inside the encampment began to provoke the Alliance forces who were outside. After a short moment of standstill the Alliance unsheathed their blades and charged at the Elves only to be caught in waves of ruthless destructive magic sent down upon them. The Alliance Expedition forces broke apart and fled back to Honor Hold, having learned a valuable lesson. The first battle wasn't enough for the Alliance though as a second battle for some hostages took place the next day, and once again the Alliance had to break off finaly getting the elves' message.