File:HordeIcon.gif Alex Flemming
Good News everyone!
Vital statistics
Title Doctor
Gender Male
Race File:ForsakenMale.gif Forsaken, Undead
Faction Horde
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Location Undercity

Doctor Alex Flemming was the leader of the Royal Apothecary Expedition when entering through the Dark Portal. Flemming remained leader for some time, but due to personal reasons left.


When released from the Lich Kings grasp and granted his mentality back, Alex Flemming was in the mindset that what occured had been the creation of a monstrosity. He looked on himself in a new light, he was no longer the individual he once was. He'd slain innocence under the sway and leadership of Arthas, he'd sacked towns and settlements that once, in life, he'd travelled to. It was at this point he came to his final moral dilemma.

Loosing his surname for good, to become untrackable and unknown within the new race, he showed to still possess his skill as an Alchemist. Though, not as grand as other Forsaken members, he still stood head above the rest. When the Apothecary Society was formed, he chose this as his true calling, to do as he wanted. He knew that the Alliance no longer accepted him for who he was. He knew that the enemy where once his allies, who he sort to flee to. His only feeling, the coldness of his skin. Everything else pointed to bringing down those that would shun him.

For the following years he worked within the Tirisfal glades area, with the help of the Testing department that worked along side his small group of Apothecaries, he was able to test the numerous effects of Bat Slime, Plaguehound Vial and his V0-1T on the numerous Scarlet forces within the region. From Tirisfal he moved further down into Hillsbrad, testing on the wildlife and the Peasants and travellers captured enroute to Southshore.

The Blasted LandsEdit

With the Apothecary hearing of the news of the push at the Dark Portal, it was decided that once the Portal was under the control of the joint forces, that a Expedition of Apothecaries would go forth into the Outlands to continue testing. The main idea was that Outlands would provide ideal lands for testing on new creatures and gathering new ingredients to be added to the potions and vials brewed. Sylvanas left it to Faranel to decide the leader of this expedition, and it was by chance that at the same time as the decision was to be made a parchment of information regarding a new strain of 'plague' was brought to his attention. Signed A.Flemming. Seeing this as an ideal chance to move forward and slowly drift from the watchful eye of the other Horde races, A.Flemming was offered the task of leading a force into the Portal and setting up a Forsaken Outpost to work from.

The rest was easy, convincing the Horde that they primary goal was to find a cure for the Fel-Orcs and to provide scouts and such into Hellfire Citadel, the Royal Apothecary Expedition was formed and taken into the Dark Portal, to test.. test.. test!


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